Mute Your Microphone with a Keyboard Shortcut

The lack of a dedicated button to Mute your microphone on a PC or a Mac has always been an Achilles heel for users of these platforms.

Worry no more we have solutions for both these platforms in the form of an App. The Solution for PC’s is Free whereas you will need to fork out $4.99 after a 7Day Free Trial on the Mac.

For Windows PC :

MicMute is a free and open source app. Download and install the same on your Windows PC. Once installed it will be available in the system tray as a microphone icon. The state o the microphone is denoted via colour (Black for OFF and Red for ON).

App features include, starting microphone in Mute at app startup, Detect Audio Input devices and Push To Talk (PTT) where the microphone only receives input when you keep a button pressed.

To create a keyboard shortcut for the app, Right click on the icon in the system tray. Select Setup Shortcut and then enter the key (all Alphabets and special Characters are accepted) you want to use as the shortcut. When you use the shortcut key you will also get a desktop alert that the microphone has been muted or unmuted.

For Mac :

Mutify is a mac app that costs $4.99 post a free 7 Day Trial. This app can be used via a keyboard shortcut or via the Touch Bar, Once installed you can mute your mic via the icon in the menu bar or Shift + CMD + 0 or via the icon on the Touch Bar.

Mutify also has an Ambient Noise Level meter that lets you know the level of noise your microphone is picking up from the surroundings. You can enable or disable this window with Shift + CMD + 9.

Conclusion :

So these are the two solutions, one each for the two platforms, that we were able to spot out. In case you know of alternate solutions please feel free to share them with us via comments.

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