Enable DNS Privacy on Android

Everytime you type a URL into the browser it’s resolved using Domain Name Servers (DNS) to an IP Address. This also raises a privacy concern as standard DNS does not encrypt the queries by default. This can be eavesdropped upon by rogue elements or can be spoofed.Tge solution is to use DNS over TLS so that all your DNS Queries are encrypted. This is what SSL is to websites.

Google provides a way to enable DNS over TLS. Here are the simple steps you can follow to enable the same. This works on Android 9, Android 10 and above.

Go in to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Advanced -> Private DNS

Select Private DNS Provider Hostname

Enter dns.google as the hostname.

And it’s done. Now all your DNS Queries are encrypted.

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Caution: Android 9 only These Private DNS settings have no effect when you use a VPN like Nexus/Pixel Wi-Fi Assistant or Google Fi Enhanced Network VPNs, or third-party VPN or DNS changer apps. Those features and apps override Private DNS and do not send DNS-over-TLS queries to Google Public DNS. Most DNS changers send cleartext queries (a few like Intra use other secure DNS protocols) and VPN apps may not secure queries beyond the VPN server. This is fixed in Android 10.

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