Use VLC to Transfer any file from a Windows PC to your iPhone or iPad

Transferring files from a Windows PC to a iPhone or iPad has been a workaround that requires specific apps. We have earlier written about how you can use a browser to transfer files. Today we would like to highlight another method wherein you can use the Popular Media Player VLC to transfer files (any type of File) from your PC running Windows to a iPhone or iPad.

Head over to VLC on your iPhone or iPad and in file synchronization and enable IPv6 Support for WiFi sharing. Next head over to the network tab and enable Sharing via WiFi. Note down the IP address provided below the Sharing via WiFi option.

Now head over to your PC and fire up your browser. Enter the IP address you noted down from above. You should see a page with Sharing via WiFi and asking you to drop files you would like to share. Drag and Drop files you would like to send to your iPhone or iPad.

To find the files you can use the files app on your iPhone or iPad. The files transferred from you PC will be in the VLC folder.

Hope you found this useful and please do share this post with your friends, colleagues and family. Do follow us for more such tips.

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