YouTube Video Tips to make your Videos Rank

Content is surely king. But apart from good content it also needs good promotion. Here are some tips that help you rank your video higher and pull in those high views. These tips will help you in getting your video to the top of the list. So without any further delays let’s move on.

Here’s the “secret sauce”:

1. Add your keyword in the title.

2. Rename your video file before uploading it to youtube to have the exact match keyword.

3. Create a description with a minimum of 500 words. Add keywords from tags in it. This also helps to rank in SERP.

4. Create your own thumbnail. You can use for this (it’s free and easy). They have a template for youtube thumbnail. Also check the format, colors, and words of the thumbnails the first 5 videos use on youtube for your keyword, and try to match that.

5. Use the suggestion from the search bar to create the tags. Also, take the tags from the first 5 videos on youtube for your keyword. To do this a) open one video b) right click and choose “View page source” c) ctr+f or cmd+f and search for THE SECOND result for the word “KEYWORD”. You will have there all the keywords they used for that video. Or you can install vidIQ, also free.

6. Like your video. Create a pinned comment, love and like it. Have someone to comment on it :).

7. Share your video from the share buttons on youtube to as many social platforms you can.

8. Have some friends comment, like and share the video. You can also create other youtube accounts to do that, but it’s not as white hat as the natural way.

9. Last but not least, promote your video. Links from other videos (in the description), links from quora, web 2.0 websites, personal blogs, etc. All this in the first 1-2h.

No need for webinars and selling high ticket nonsense courses, if you want to add value to this website, you can by following us and commenting below.

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