Share Unlimited Size Files using just your browser with P2P

Sharing large files has always been a hassle. When sharing files with colleagues or clients we are forced to use a third party service such as WeTransfer, with annoying limitations such as registration and file size limits.

You don’t known what happens with your data afterwards, as it lingers online somewhere. With that in mind, ToffeeShare, a faster and safer way of transferring files.

What ToffeeShare offers:

Always a direct connection
ToffeeShare always finds a direct path from sender to receiver. This means the fastest possible transfer speed. If you’re both on the same network your data doesn’t even have to leave the building.

No file size limit
There’s no limitation on the size of the files you can send or the amount. You are only limited to what your device (or browser) can handle. To ensure maximum performance make sure to keep your browser up-to-date

End-to-end encryption
ToffeeShare currently uses an implementation of DTLS 1.2. Your data is encrypted end to end and can only be read by your receiver (and you of course).

No storage online
When the transfer is complete your files are no longer on the internet, so there’s no risk of anyone hacking a server to get to your files: it simply is not there.

Visit ToffeeShare Here

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