20 Tips from a Digital Nomad Couple

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Here are 20 Tips from a Digital Nomad Couple aka Nomadiers who have been on a nomad journey for over 1.5 years.

Time to wise up and unshackle yourself.

Nomadiers Tip #1. It is not an easy task to stay away from your loved ones.

Nomadiers Tip #2. It is very easy to pick and move if you travel light. So, reduce unnecessary things, repeat clothes. Wash and wear stuff come very handy.

Nomadiers Tip #3. Airbnb filters of kitchen helps in terms of saving money as well as your tummy.

Nomadiers Tip #4. Upload your work talent on platforms like YouTube, Udemy, Patreon etc to create virtual assets.

Nomadiers Tip #5. Exercise regularly. It is the key to a feel-good factor.

Nomadiers Tip #6. Don’t hesitate to take up any job that helps you to pass your knowledge, or that which helps you to learn.

Nomadiers Tip #7. Stay connected to your core group of relatives and friends via Mobile phone, FB, WhatsApp video etc.

Nomadiers Tip #8. A good combination of work, study and spirituality helps to have a fulfilling day.

Nomadiers Tip #9. Pen your thoughts, experience etc. Blogging/Vlogging is a good way to do it.

Nomadiers Tip #10. Make small trips to your home town so that you are/have not missed much.

Nomadiers Tip #11. Fully enjoy with the local people. Learn their culture, cuisine and observe how they stay fit and happy.

Nomadiers Tip #12. Reduce your material needs and grow in compassion and love.

Nomadiers Tip #13. Hold no grudge against anyone. Be less self-critical. Don’t be very hard on yourself. Live and let live.

Nomadiers Tip #14. Don’t get attached to new people and new friends you make. Keep in touch and Keep moving.

Nomadiers Tip #15. Learn new things, or do activities that you always wanted to do but never found time to do.

Nomadiers Tip #16. Read at least few pages of any book of your liking, every day.

Nomadiers Tip #17. Encourage your loved ones to reduce desires and value people.

Nomadiers Tip #18. Be in the now. Because in the now everything is perfect.

Nomadiers Tip #19. Every Night sit down to evaluate how much action, study and surrender you could do on that particular day. Don’t judge yourself just do a checklist every night.

Nomadiers Tip #20. Breathe…

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